Jujube Fresh 1kg

Jujube Fresh 1kg

Fresh Jujubes

Aussie Royal Jujubes are available in abundant supply from March through to the end of May and are the perfect Autumn fruit – brilliant for your health and beauty, tasty, versatile. Royal Jujubes are loved for their delicious flavour and the super health benefits they provide and can be enjoyed in many ways every day – they are perfect for the picnic, lunchbox treat or as a healthy gift option to friends and family.

They are also a smart choice when it comes to snacking as they contain no fat or cholesterol and are jam-packed with antioxidants. Royal Jujube also known as Chinese date, are being consumed all around the world because of their health benefits, as both food and herbal medicine. With fresh Royal jujubes containing around 500mg of Vitamin C per 100g of fruit, they are starting to be heralded in the West as an ancient superfood. We have many true fans of the fruit we are urging all Royal Jujube-lovers to dig in and enjoy the short but delectably sweet season which lasts for just 100 days. So go on, buy a box of delicious Aussie Royal Jujubes this season, before you miss out.


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