Grapes - Red Seedless 1kg

Grapes - Red Seedless 1kg

red seedless grapes have fast become more the preferred red grape. With a deep red colour, red seedless grapes are crisp and juicy with a full bodied taste.

Storage Avoid washing grapes before storing them as the moisture can make them deteriorate quickly.

To keep them longest, put them in a plastic bag in the fridge, where they can last up to a week.

Nutrition A great source of Vitamin C and K. Studies have shown that red grapes protect against heart disease - the properties of the grapes help keep the heart muscle flexible and healthy. Anti-oxidants in red grapes have also been shown to lower cholesterol. The sugars in grapes give you a great energy boost and burn slowly, so it’s long lasting. Ideal Use red seedless grapes are a great healthy snack on their own for those wanting something sweet. They also go great with some cheeses or in a salad. grapes are also delicious in hot dishes roasted among vegetables or made into a sweet sauce.

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