Grapes - Green Seedless 1kg

Grapes - Green Seedless 1kg

Thompson seedless grapes are the most commonly eaten grapes in the world.

They are a large yellow-green grape with a firm crisp flesh.

Low in fat, but high in natural sugars, these grapes will satisfy that sweet tooth.

Storage Avoid washing grapes before storing them as the moisture can make them deteriorate quickly. To keep them longest, put them in a plastic bag in the fridge, where they can last up to a week. Nutrition Grapes have high levels of anti-oxidants which have excellent health benefits. Studies have shown the eating of grapes reduces the chanced of Alzheimer’s and other nervous disorders as well as reducing the chances of heart disease and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. The sugars in grapes give you a great energy boost and burn slowly, so it’s long lasting. Ideal Use Thompson seedless grapes are a great healthy snack on their own for those wanting something sweet. They also go great with some cheeses or in a salad. They are the most popular grape for drying and making into sultanas.

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