Our Farmers

We are lucky to live in Australia, where an abundance of locally grown produce is available.

We support local farmers by supplying weekly a variety of fruit and vegetables to Sydney workplaces. All our growers have their farms within the Sydney area. They travel to Sydney on a daily basis to bring their produce closer to us. Prior to that, all farms are inspected for quality and relevant legal information and practices.

Also, items like melons, jujubes, pumpkins come straight from our own farms.

So what are the benefits of eating from local farms? 

  1. Fresher produce. Fruits and vegetables start to lose nutrients as soon as they are picked up or harvested. By choosing a local supplier you can cut down the travel time from farm to the office.
  2. Seasonal produce. It would be nice to eat berries all year round, but eating seasonal produce will enhance the taste experience, unlike trying a bland version that has been shipped thousands of kilometers from overseas. Eating seasonally means getting the most delicious and nutrient-rich produce.
  3. Care for the environment. Paying for and encouraging imported food will increase the shipping process, resulting in a big carbon footprint.
  4. Local fruits and vegetables maintain green space and farmland. Choosing a supplier for fruits and vegetables grown closer to where you live and work helps maintain farmland in your area.
  5. Food safety. The smaller the distance between the produce farm and your workplace, the less chances of contamination.
  6. Variety. Local produce ensures a greater variety. The same produce found at the local markets and provided to Sydney restaurants is carefully inspected and the best quality is sent to offices. So the farmers have the demand and financial support for growing more and more varieties of produce.
  7. Support for local economy. Money spent locally will stay local and build up the local economy, instead of arriving in a foreign country. And because the produce travels less, you invest back in the local farmers. 
  8. Community. Getting to know your supplier and growers will bring a sense of community and social responsibility.